Managing Web Servers - We Do It For You!

Web Server hardware is expensive. Servers can cost $100,000 each or even more and the are extremely complicated. No business owner wants to learn complex Unix language to have a website, so we take care of all of that for you.
  • Manage DNS
  • Apache Web Server Software
  • Linux O/S
  • Security Updates
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Manage RAID & NAS
  • Manage Networks and Peering
  • Mange UPS & Backup Generators
  • Climate Control Systems

Many companies manage their own web servers on site, in their offices or as part of their office or company network. Of course most of the smaller companies don't have the budgets for that and they use a shared system like and only pay for the part they use.

So we manage all that for you including the tens of thousands of dollars up in front costs for hardware, updates and software changes.

We take care of all the technology, manage the servers and keep the operating systems up to date and secure. We maintain the backup servers and generators so when any component fails we stay online.

All of this is extremely expensive as well as requiring the most qualified people in the industry to manage the routers, servers and the physical infrastructure.

But we take care of all of that for you and you never have to worry about it.

In 2013 we migrated our entire datacenter from Michigan to Tampa Florida and no website was ever offline or lost even one page view.

We did this by duplicating the networks in both locations and running them simultaneously as the transition was managed over several weeks. It was a huge project, but that is what we are doing here at to keep everything running smoothly for our customers.

It is typically in IT that what you don't see that is even more impressive that what you do see.

Our back end is amazing using all enterprise level servers, fiber optic routers and extensive automated monitoring systems that meter website traffic, load balancing, server performance and even room temperature and humidity. Everything is a science from the web layer down to the core operation of the datacenter.

Any of this would overwhelm most companies IT departments and likely bankrupt them in the process. So letting us deal with the software, hardware and all the headaches gives you one less issue to deal with.

We have been managing our own servers since 2001 and have created some amazing proprietary systems that make our network smooth and worry free. Systems like our own ARTB software allow redundancy of websites at a reduced cost while allowing high availability conditions though automated systems.

So while you have no interest in managing your own servers, we always like to remind everyone that that is a big part of our service. Without that massive infrastructure there would be no websites or cool features to build them.

This also makes our own online tools that much better since we can integrate them deeper into the network often spanning multiple servers for faster responses and better performance.

Other hosts can talk like that but they don't have the backend technology to actually do it.

Everyone says they are the best, but have they spend over a decade developing their own operating system or are they just deploying commercially available solutions?

W realized early that commercial solution just would not do what we needed and the reliability was often too risky, so we began creating our own systems to manage dns, mail and network uptime.

We now have systems in place to monitor websites, alert us when loads are high or servers are having problems, from drive errors to cooling fans running too slow.

We can offer what other host can't because we have been building those systems for many years and none of our systems are commercially available.

While our software has a reputation of being simple and easy to use, our technology exceeds everyone in our market and our network is superior in every way to any shared hosting platform available.

Just imagine, if we can build the tools so people can easily edit pages and manage site, think about what we built on the back end to make our own jobs easier every single day. All of this makes this complex business more affordable to our customers. More reliable and faster than everyone else.


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